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Starting from our humble beginnings in Piraeus, our people have been forged in the frame of Greek shipping, collecting a decade spanning experience in ship repairs and ship technical services.

Today, our people operate from our two strategically located offices in Athens, Greece and London, U.K., committed in offering unparalleled customer experience for all ships we serve.

What we do

Through our selected network of partners, we offer quality Underwater Works, skilled technicians for ship Repairs Afloat, Shipyards representation, BWTS project services, Marine audits and qualitative Marine Equipment.

We operate across the globe and we have experience in more than 200 ports worldwide.

Why us

Because we place a lot of care and attention over the technical details of our projects, achieving excellent quality in reasonable prices.

Most importantly though, because no matter the day or the time, we will always answer the phone.

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The Future of Ship Repairs

Our team at SeaCircle, with more than 10 year of experience in the maritime industry, aims to promote the most innovative & trustworthy solutions to our customers all over the world.


WOrds from our founders

Konstantinos was born, grew up and resides in Athens, Greece.

A maritime professional with extensive technical experience, started his career in hydraulic/lub oil treatment filters, then expanded in ship repairs and ship technical services.

He enjoys achieving excellence in challenging ship repair projects and learning new technologies in shipping.

He holds a BA from Athens University of Economics and Business and an M.Sc. in International Economics from the prestigious Erasmus School of Economics of Rotterdam.

One of his favorite quotes is “if you want to see the invisible, look carefully at the visible”.



Konstantinos Kompotis

Thanos (Tom) Kapralos is a Greek-American based in London since 2013, acting Director for SeaCircle UK.
Worked for both Greek and UK companies in a variety of departments, including Chartering, Operations and Brokering and has established a career in the maritime industry since 2011.

Holds a BA in Political Science, a Diploma in Shipping and Shipbroking, and an MSc in Ship & Shipping Management. Proud member of HELMEPA and AHEPA.

Favorite and fun parts of his life, travelling, history books and Airsoft.

Thanos Kapralos
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